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Where are you from? Where is your business currently located?

I'm originally from Durham North Carolina but I recently relocated to Atlanta, Ga . That’s where I decided to establish my place of business.

What kind of service do you provide?

We offer nationwide online spyware, malware and virus removal as well as registry repair, junk file cleaning & 24/7 remote technical support.

Give three words that uniquely describe your business?

Affordable, Satisfaction, Guaranteed


Have you had any experience in this field previously?

Yes! I’m naturally mechanically inclined so I’ve been repairing computers since my first one in 1998. I enjoy the challenge sometimes you have to think outside the box to resolve an issue.


What advice would you give someone who wants to set up their own business?

(1). Make sure it’s something you enjoy doing (2). Get informed! Find out everything you can about the business the Pros and the Cons. (3). Become a free advertising guru, anywhere you can promote your business for free take advantage of it.


Do you have any upcoming plans or events in the near future for your business?

Jan 2013 we plan on launching our radio advertising campaign further down south and on the west coast.

What do you want the Taggle My Biz community to know about you?

In these hard economic times I believe we should support small businesses and help keep jobs in America. I take pride in my work so you can expect nothing less than total satisfaction. Feel free to contact us at the following: (800) 910-8266

and a special thanks to everyone at Taggle My Biz and SMN


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